Raye's Mustard


Raye’s Mustard is once again honored to capture the coveted Gold Medal in the Classic American Yellow Mustard category at the 2015 World-Wide Mustard Competition! The medal is a testament to 115 years of Raye's commitment to excellence and authenticity.  Raye's Mustard is the only remaining traditional stone-ground mustard mill in North America today.

Down East Schooner

Gold (2015)

Gold (2014)

Bronze (2013)

Gold (2012)

Gold (2010)

Gold (2009)
Gold (2008)
Bronze (2007)
Gold (2006)
Gold (2002)
Bronze (2001)
Bronze (2000)
Gold (1999)
Gold (1998)

Winter Garden
Bronze (2009)
Gold (2000)

Garlic Honey Wine
Gold (1999)

Fall Harvest 
Bronze (2005)

Sea Dog
Silver (2002)

Gold (2007)
Gold (1997)


Raye's Featured on Martha Stewart's "Martha's Finds"

 Featured on Martha's Finds: "One of Martha's favorite local businesses, Raye's Mustard Mill offers gourmet mustard that is cold ground and barrel aged the old-fashioned way." See the video

Yankee Magazine

November/December 2013 issue - “Editor’s Choice Food Awards” winner. Raye’s Mustard has been chosen as one of 30 brands across New England, the best within a number of food categories....

Yankee Magazine

November 6, 2013, Newsletter #24 - 2013 Holiday Food Guide Honors Maine's Finest Condiments.