Maine Harvest Festival, Here We Come!

Hi Friends! 

We’re especially excited about the Maine Harvest Festival in Bangor, November 14-15. Raye’s will be there to celebrate what USA Today named one of the “10 Best Harvest Festivals.” We’d love to have you drop by and visit us. There will be lots of your favorite Raye’s Mustards to sample. Try something you haven’t tasted as well. It will be a good time for everyone.

Autumn is in full swing! I hope you’re enjoying the brisk weather, and anticipating the Holiday Season with lots of joy. We love the Holidays here at Raye’s. An abundance of family, friends and yes – lots of food – make it so much fun.

Of course, in many ways we do the Holidays “New England Style.” One of my favorite regional traditions is Deviled Eggs as part of the Thanksgiving feast. We depart from most recipes by replacing mustard powder with either our Winter Garden or Sweet & Spicy Mustards. Winter Garden enhances the dish with an aromatic blend of dill, garlic and celery. Sweet & Spicy balances out the richness of the eggs with a nice counter play of sweetness and zest. Try both these “Easies” and see which your family prefers. They’ll have a hard time deciding! 

Have you started putting together your Holiday gift list yet? I have, and it’s a long one this year. What with host gifts, business gifts and most of all, personal gifts, I actually rely on Raye’s Holiday Gifting Ideas. There’s no greater thrill than receiving a present that tastes delicious. You can look forward to lots of our exclusive Gift Pack and Gift Basket ideas in the weeks to come.

Please continue to keep in touch. We especially enjoy your emails, posts and letters this time of year.

Speak next week!


Hi Friends!

I feel as though the first blossoms of Spring were appearing in our garden not so long ago. Now here we are, in what I like to call the “unofficial beginning” of the Holiday Season. I know, Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, but there are only 50 days left until Christmas! Raye’s is already gearing up with lots of elegant and festive ideas for holiday gifting in the best of taste. They’ll be coming your way soon.

Exciting news! This week we launched our “Pairings” posts on our Facebook page. In addition to our “Easies” recipe ideas, these Pairings will suggest super flavor combinations of your favorite foods and Raye’s mustards. If you haven’t been to our Facebook page yet, here’s an example of a Pairing I’m particularly fond of.   Take those crisp, in-season apples you’ve picked or bought at the farmer’s market, slice them, and dip them into Raye’s Jameson Tavern Mustard. The sweetness of this specially blended brown mustard really enhances the tangy-sweet flavor of the apples. 

Here’s another Pairings idea. The other day we made a hearty beef soup. Instead of shredding the meat into the soup, we served it on the side, and added a dollop of Raye’s Spicy Horseradish Mustard on every fork-full. Nothing beats horseradish with beef, and this spicy yellow mustard really complements the juicy, fork-tender, buttery beef perfectly.

More news! In just two weeks, Raye’s will be featured at the Maine Harvest Festival, November 14-15 in Bangor. USA Today named it one of the “10 Best Harvest Festivals”. It really is a “must see” event. I hope you’ll join us there.

We look forward to more of your letters, emails and Facebook posts. So please…keep them coming!

Speak next week!


Hi Friends!

Thank you all so very much for helping to make my birthday so terrific! If I knew that turning 50 would be this much fun ….well, actually I would not have done it sooner. My birthday began with a series of spa treatments and it kept going through the weekend. I highly recommend this for your next birthday!

I love October. When there’s a chill in the air, we turn to heart-warming comfort foods, such as roasts. Here’s one of our “Easies” favorites. Simply glaze your pork roast with a combination of Raye’s Brown Ginger Mustard and fresh tarragon before roasting. The sweet and tangy glaze complements the richness of the pork perfectly. Always scrumptious!

Still celebrating Oktoberfest? We are! Of course, delicious Bratwurst is always on the menu. Pan-fry it and serve with plenty of Raye’s Spicy Horseradish Mustard. Our special blend gives it a great zing. Another favorite is Weisswurst. Lightly poach it until plump and pair it with Raye’s Old World Gourmet Mustard. This traditional European-style Dijon enhances the delicate spices of the sausage. Whatever the best of the wursts is for you, there’s a Raye’s mustard variety to complement it!

Coming soon, be sure to catch Raye’s at the Maine Harvest Festival, November 14-15 in Bangor. Named by USA Today as one of the 10 Best Harvest Festivals in the country, it celebrates everything “Farm Fresh” and Raye’s Mustard is proud to be featured there.

Your letters, emails and Facebook posts mean the world to us. So please, continue to keep in touch!

Speak next week!


Hi Friends!

It’s a special month here at Raye’s Mustard Mill. My beautiful wife Karen celebrates a milestone birthday on Thursday, Oct. 22nd – her 50th! (Don’t worry…she gave me permission to tell you her age!)   Plus, when you think about it, though, a half-century is young compared to Raye’s 115 years of bringing you the world’s finest mustard.

Yes, four generations of our family working in a small family business brings so many wonderful sentiments to mind. The sense of family pride. The blessing of really liking what you do for a living. Most of all, knowing we’re bringing smiles to our customers’ faces each and every time they enjoy their old favorite or our newest flavor creation.

What makes it all even more special is that Raye’s has been recognized by folks in our own industry. In fact, over the past 12 years, our Down East Schooner Mustard has won the GOLD Medal in the Classic Yellow Mustard division in 10 World-Wide Mustard Competitions -- including this year’s 2015 GOLD Medal. We’re truly grateful!

Besides being Karen’s birthday month, October is also National Country Ham month. So here’s a delicious idea. Glaze your ham with Raye’s Moose a-maquoddy Molasses Mustard (Karen’s favorite)!! That touch of rich sweetness really complements the smoky-saltiness of the ham perfectly. I also love to pair sliced ham with Raye’s Brown Ginger Mustard. Again…a nice sweetness balances the assertiveness of the ham.

But whatever your favorite Raye’s Mustard, Karen Raye is a big part of making it happen. So please join me in wishing Karen a Happy 50th! And, as always, keep those emails, Facebook posts and letters coming. They always make our day!

All the best!


Hi Friends!

We had an amazing time at the Fryeburg Fair. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we won “Judges Favorite Display” at the Specialty Food Pavilion! We’re so honored and proud.

Thanks to our many loyal friends – and new friends – who made the fair so special for us. So many of them shared their favorite ideas with us, here’s one we that really like:

One Raye’s fan told us that he lathers his brisket with our award-winning Down East Schooner mustard, and then uses a dry rub. He explained, “The mustard helps the spices to stick, and truly makes all the flavors come together. It’s a huge hit and everyone loves the mustard!” We’ll have to try that one.

We suggested some recipe ideas to fair patrons as well. Here’s one: Mix equal parts of our Raspberry Wine mustard and cream in a pan, add chicken strips and then sauté until cooked through. Rich and really delicious!

The Holiday Season is an especially busy time at Raye’s Mustard. We’ll be offering you Pairings and Easies that will really make your holiday meals special events. Lots of perfect gifting ideas as well.

So stay tuned and as always, we’d love to hear from you!

Speak to you next week!  



Hi friends. Welcome to our first, official Raye’s Mustard blog!

We’re a 4th generation family small business, and we consider you part of our extended family. We’ve got so many wonderful and delicious things going on at Raye’s throughout the year; we can’t wait to share them with you! 

So what can you look forward to? Well, with names like “Moose-a-Maquoddy Molasses” and “Jameson Tavern,” our all-natural, stone-ground mustards come in lots of great flavors! But don’t let our funny names fool you. We’ve just won our 14th Gold Medal in the Napa Valley Mustard Competition! 

At Raye’s, we like things quick and easy. You can look forward to perfect pairing suggestions and recipes for healthy eating as well as your favorite dishes like baked beans, mac ‘n cheese and fired-up Bloody Marys. Everyone will think you’ve spent hours in the kitchen! 

This Sunday, we'll be at Maine’s famous Fryeburg Fair, October 4th – 11th.

Come on by and see us at the Specialty Food Pavilion for yummy tastings of your favorite Raye’s mustards and try some new ones too! And be sure to show our offer on our Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page for 10% OFF your purchase of $20.00 or more. 

Don’t forget – we love to hear from you, so please give a shout! At Raye’s, we always say, “talk to us!”.