Raye's Mustard

Above: The Schooner Mary F. Pike, the large vessel in the center of the photo, belonged to Captain George F. Raye, Great, Great Grandfather of Kevin Raye, the 4th Generation Proprietor of Raye's Mustard and the father of J. Wesley Raye, who founded Raye's Mustard Mill.  The photo was taken on the Eastport waterfront sometime in the late 1800's.


In 1900, J. Wesley Raye, the 20-year-old son of a sea captain, founded the business in the family smokehouse to produce mustard for Maine’s burgeoning sardine industry. 

In 1903, Wes moved The Mill to its current location, enabling Raye’s Mustard to be shipped out by both rail and steamship.

Today, the trains, steamships and Maine’s sardine canneries are only a memory. But Raye’s Historic Old Stone Mill, now a working museum, stands as a lasting testament to the quality and authenticity of a bygone era.


Four Generations Strong

The Raye’s Mustard brand has been meticulously maintained by each succeeding generation of the Raye family. Today, Kevin and Karen Raye handle the stewardship; they have carefully protected the Raye’s brand essence, the quality and authenticity, all the while adapting to the preferences of today’s consumers.


Small Batch Crafted


While most modern mustards are either cooked or ground by high-speed technology, only Raye’s maintains the traditional cold grind process using the original stones from France and made in the same mill since 1900. No one else can make that claim. 

The cold grind process preserves the volatile taste qualities of the whole seeds, enhanced by the flavor sensations of natural herbs and spices. The resulting flavor experience comes in part from the heightened awareness of taste, each flavor a testament to the pride that goes into every jar. Raye’s award winning small batch blends are hand crafted for the true artisanal condiment connoisseur.


Today, Raye’s Mustard is known for its array of Award-Winning Gourmet and Specialty Mustards. Raye’s trademark Down East Schooner Mustard won the Gold Medal in the Classic Yellow Mustard division in 8 World-Wide Mustard Competitions in Napa Valley, California.

Raye's Featured on Martha Stewart's "Martha's Finds"

 Featured on Martha's Finds: "One of Martha's favorite local businesses, Raye's Mustard Mill offers gourmet mustard that is cold ground and barrel aged the old-fashioned way." See the video

Yankee Magazine

November/December 2013 issue - “Editor’s Choice Food Awards” winner. Raye’s Mustard has been chosen as one of 30 brands across New England, the best within a number of food categories....

Yankee Magazine

November 6, 2013, Newsletter #24 - 2013 Holiday Food Guide Honors Maine's Finest Condiments.