Contest Winners Announced

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Meet the Three Lucky Winners!

Edward and Joy Pohl - they sent their grandson a Raye’s 10 Pack Sampler which he liked so much, he took our Down East Schooner mustard on a skiing trip where he enjoyed it on his sandwiches. Wow, Raye’s takes to the slopes, that’s a good one!

Four-year-old Maddie Graham of Wyndham, New Hampshire, likes our Top Dog mustard on her morning pancakes!! We can’t make this one up, folks! Maddie gets the prize for originality; she’ll have a ball with our 10 Pack Sampler!

Tamryn Etten-Bohm, of Indian Springs, AL – for her Raye’s Twice-Baked Potatoes – extra delicious! We liked it so much, we were inspired to try it ourselves and you can bet it’s a winner!

Congratulations to the three winners! We know you’ll love your Raye’s 10 Pack Samplers!