Raye's Triple Packs

Raye's Mustard

Each triple pack is a delightful combination of our specialty mustards packaged in Raye's trademark rustic cardboard box.
Hot Chef Pack includes White Lightning, Dundicott Hott and Hot & Spicy
Sweet Chef Pack includes Brown Ginger, Sweet & Spicy and Spring Maple
Seafood Lover's Delight includes Winter Garden, Lemon Pepper and Old World Gourmet
Hot Dog Lover's includes Down East Schooner, Top Dog and Spicy Horseradish
Beer Lover's Pack includes Sea Dog, Bar Harbor Real Ale and Shipyard (view details)
Deli Pack includes Old World Gourmet, Brown Ginger and Spicy Horseradish
Pretzel Dipping Pack includes Spring Maple, Jameson Tavern and Maple Horseradish
Celebrity Choice Pack includes Fall Harvest, Top Dog and Spicy Horseradish

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