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Raye's Mustard

Sweeten up your favorite foods with the following flavors:

 Sweet and Spicy

 You’ll want to eat this mustard with a spoon. Seriously. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. From fish to smoked sausage, this mustard goes with everything. You can spread it on corn beef just before it comes out of the oven, or mix it into a quick and easy crudites dip. So versatile, there’s nothing this mustard can’t do.

 Jameson Tavern

 It’s not possible to pack more flavor into a mustard jar. Jameson Tavern is sweet, it’s surprising, and it’s got a mustard kick. Named for the birthplace of Maine, where commissioners signed the documents to separate our fair state from Massachusetts, this specially blended sweet brown mustard is used in Jameson Tavern’s signature dish. Add it to sandwiches and hamburgers or use it as a dip right out of the jar. 

 Spring Maple 

 All the anticipation of a New England spring, packed into one mustard jar. Pure, sweet maple combines with bold, brown mustard to energize your taste buds. It’s heaven on a sandwich.

 Moose-a-quoddy Molasses

 A rich, dark mustard with a note of sweet molasses and a smoke finish. This mustard tastes like a holiday feast. It’s what New England’s traditional Saturday night beans and franks meal has been missing. So gather the family and share a meal.

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