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Raye's Mustard

The perfect gift for any chef! Featuring:

Lemon Pepper

 The zest of lemon and a hint of pepper combine with a Raye’s Mustard kick in our Lemon Pepper mustard. It’s the marinade you’ve been looking for to add robust flavor to your favorite white fish recipe. Your friends will beg for the recipe.

Maple Horseradish

 This sweet mustard packs a horseradish punch. Who could have guessed that combining pure Maine maple syrup with horseradish and coarse ground mustard seeds would result in the perfect deli mustard? Sweet enough to baste a ham, spicy enough to use as a vegetable dip, versatile enough to complement any sandwich.

Brown Ginger

 From apple slices to chicken fingers Raye’s Brown Ginger mustard adds a tasty tang to all of your favorite dishes. Sweet and silky with a hint of brown sugar and a touch of spice. It’s the perfect fat-free marinade for baking or grilling.

Winter Garden

 A mild white mustard with a subtle blend of dill, garlic and celery flavors. The delicate flavor profile of Raye’s Winter Garden complements fish, fowl, and feast. You may not be sitting next to a roaring fire with family gathered cozily around you, but this mustard will make you feel like you are.

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