Signature Gift Basket- Filled with a variety of Items!!

Raye's Mustard

When only a Premium gift will do, our Signature Gift Basket is perfect! Fill it with your choice of products. Choose from 25 Raye’s Stone Ground Mustard flavors plus a delicious assortment of specialty products from Maine. Our distinctive woven wood basket is “Made in Maine” too! It takes ‘sure to please’ to the next level!

Your Signature Gift Basket can include a nice combination of mustards and perhaps some of the items listed below.  We will help you customize your selection based on your wishes.  Please be sure to include your phone and/or e-mail in the comments so we can reach out to customize. 

Blueberry Vinaigrette

Maple Syrup

Clam Chowder

Flavored Honey

Pure Maple Candy

Sardines with Jalapenos

Sea Salt

Blueberry Jam

Red Pepper Jelly


Herring in Mustard

Salt Water Taffy

Pickled Items

Maple Drops

 Raw Honey


Cinnamon Maple Sugar

Individualized Cakes 

Lobster Lollipops 

Maple Jelly 

Assorted Sea Salt Grinder

Dilly Beans

Maple Sugar

Assorted Jams


Indian Pudding

Chocolate Sauce

and so much more ….

Need help? Call us to speak with a friendly Raye’s team member – We’ll help you Choose – 800.853.1903

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