St. Paddy's Day 6 Pack - WITH FREE SHIPPING!!

Raye's Mustard

The St. Paddy's Day pack just got better!!! We have added 2 more flavors!!!

Old World Gourmet

The traditional European Dijon for a sophisticated palate. You could put it on a hot dog, but Old World Gourmet is more suited to an artisan sandwich made with crusty bread, hand-carved ham, and vegetables fresh from the garden. Its classically robust flavor is one that today’s Dijon mustards can only aspire to.

Spicy Horseradish

Raye’s Spicy Horseradish packs a horseradish kick so intense it’ll make your eyes water. It’s strong, it’s savory, it’s mustard with a little something extra. The savory aftertaste makes it the perfect companion to beef, ham and cheeses. Or add to Bechamel Sauce for an elegant fish entree. Perfect for any meal that needs a kick.

Heavenly Jalapeno

You might expect Heavenly Jalapeño mustard to be hot, and the kick is certainly there, but the real spark comes from the flavor. Crushed jalapeños add tasty depth to this smooth brown mustard. Mix it with melted cheese for an instant Mexican Dip.

Bar Harbor Real Ale

A little bitter, a little sweet. This is the dream topping for soft pretzels. Raye’s whole mustard seeds are marinated in Bar Harbor Real Ale to create a taste so sensational it won an award.

Jameson Tavern

It’s not possible to pack more flavor into a mustard jar. Jameson Tavern is sweet, it’s surprising, and it’s got a mustard kick. Named for the birthplace of Maine, where commissioners signed the documents to separate our state from Massachusetts. Add it to sandwiches and hamburgers or use it as a dip right out of the jar. 

White Lightning

This deceptively spicy mustard doesn’t just bring the heat, it also packs an intense flavor jolt. Mix it in your deviled eggs or add it to cocktail sauce for an delightful shrimp cocktail. You should probably order two jars, because your guests won’t be able to get enough of this flavor.


Small batch crafted at America's last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 

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Martin C.
St. Paddy's Day 6 pack

A great variety of mustards. All are very flavorful and all complement the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. A great way to try unique mustards from Raye's.