Small-Batch Crafted


Raye’s award-winning small batch blends are handcrafted for the true Artisanal condiment connoisseur, every taste a testament to the pride that goes into each and every jar.  

Since 1900, four generations of the Raye family have been making mustard in the eastern-most city in America – an island community on the rock bound coast of Maine. Today, they are still making one small batch at a time in North America’s last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 

Raye’s complex balance is formed by the perfect blending of old world craftsmanship and modern science. Unlike other mustard makers, the Rayes have maintained vintage Second Industrial Revolution machinery and the traditional cold grind process that preserves the volatile piquant qualities of the whole seeds, natural herbs and spices. The resulting flavor experience comes in part from the heightened awareness as the mustard stimulates the taste buds, providing distinctive aromas and tastes to tempt the most discriminating palate.

The tenacious commitment of each succeeding generation of the Raye family has preserved that quality and authenticity even while adapting to the preferences of a changing world.

These premium Small Batch Crafted mustards, as the name suggests are made in limited quantities. No one else makes mustard this way anymore.  No one!