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Raye's Mustard

Let me count the ways! No need to limit your flavor choice, just get ‘em all in this 10 Pack Sampler. So many flavors to tempt the taste buds!
Small batch crafted at America's last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 

Includes 10 1.5 oz. jars:

Spicy Horseradish - a perfect mate for meats and cheeses.

Sweet & Spicy - delicious with smoked meat, fish and as a dip for crudités.

Brown Ginger - perfect for a fat-free marinade and basting sauce for baking or grilling.

Down East Schooner - can be used to replace dry mustard in cooking to give food a special flavor.

Hot & Spicy - a favorite for those who like it HOT!

Old World Gourmet - enhances meat dishes, smoked fish; adds zest to most salad dressings.

Winter Garden - a lighter mustard with a subtle blend of celery, dill and garlic. Wonderful with fish, fowl and vegetable salads.

Dundicott Hott - Spice up tomato juice or kick up a Bloody Mary. Not for the faint of heart!

White Lightning - gets all of its heat from the mustard seed.

Top Dog - brings hot dogs to a new level! Great for all sausages.

The 10 Pack Sampler comes in Raye’s trademark rustic cardboard box.

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