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Raye's Mustard

Now Available with 6 Matching Flavor Coasters!! Simply check the box after picking your flavors to have the coasters included. Price will automatically adjust when added to the cart! Perfect addition for the holidays!! 

Small batch crafted at America's last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 

The Maine-iac Pack features the best of mustard meets Maine!

Summer Harvest

 Sweet blueberry dances across your tongue as mustard seeds burst between your teeth releasing their tangy flavor. When the wholesome sweetness of Maine blueberries combines with the powerful flavor of Raye’s whole mustard seeds, every meal is a little bit closer to perfect. Top off a summer sandwich or add a touch of sweetness to dinner on the grill.

 Moose-a-quoddy Molasses

 A rich, dark mustard with a note of sweet molasses and a smoke finish. This mustard tastes like a holiday feast. It’s what New England’s traditional Saturday night beans and franks meal has been missing. So gather the family and share a meal.

 Spring Maple 

 All the anticipation of a New England spring, packed into one mustard jar. Pure, sweet maple combines with bold, brown mustard to energize your tastebuds. It’s heaven on a sandwich.

Aroostook Gold

Our famous recipe but with an added bonus!!  This is made with mustard seed grown entirely right here in Maine!!  

Jameson Tavern

It’s not possible to pack more flavor into a mustard jar. Jameson Tavern is sweet, it’s surprising, and it’s got a mustard kick. Named for the birthplace of Maine, where commissioners signed the documents to seperate our fair state from Massachusetts, this specially blended sweet brown mustard is used in Jameson Tavern’s signature dish. Add it to sandwiches and hamburgers or use it as a dip right out of the jar. 

Moxie Mustard

Two classic Maine flavors combine to make the mustard you never knew you wanted. This spunky flavor is a little bit sweet and wicked tasty. Use it anytime you want to remember the way life should be.

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Customer Reviews

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Shirley J.

They are a Christmas gift . Have bought from you when we were in Maine and loved them.