Down East Schooner Mustard

Raye's Mustard

A classic recipe. Raye’s has been grinding this popular yellow mustard flavor since 1900. It’s everything you want from a classic yellow mustard -- rich yellow color, full mustard flavor, and a smooth texture. It’s the ideal addition to hot dogs, sandwiches, and more.


Down East Schooner won Napa Valley World-Wide Mustard Competition’s Gold Medal as the “world’s best classic yellow mustard” several years running! Bring this award-winning classic home to your kitchen. 

Also Available in an 8.5 oz. squeeze bottle.
Small batch crafted at America's last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 


Deep Well Water, Blended Whole Mustard Seeds, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Turmeric, and True Spices.
*No Cholesterol, No Fats, No Eggs, No Additives, Reduced Sodium, Low Carbohydrates, Kosher Certified.*


Napa Valley World Wide Mustard Competition: Gold (2009), Gold (2008), Bronze (2007), Gold (2006), Gold (2002), Bronze (2001), Bronze (2000), Gold (1999), Gold (1998)

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