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Raye's Mustard

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Patricia Cipolla
Rayes Rocks!

I have thoroughly enjoyed Raye’s Mustard since happening upon Raye’s Mustard Mill during a “wandering around Maine” visit to Eastport, ME some 20 yrs ago.
My hometown mustard, Weber’s, is great but Raye’s is AWESOME! I love so many of the wide variety of mustards which Raye’s creates, and can’t get enough of them! My favorites:
I was delighted to be able to get Raye’s coasters to accompany my new Raye’s beer glass, which I fill & refill daily with my needed h20! I love love love my new Raye’s tote/reusable shopping bag, with its beautiful, historical graphics. And whenever my family assembles, we chow down on the appetizers I always make, “little doggies,”
(Cocktail mini wieners/sausages wrapped in pastry,) accompanied by multiple flavors of Raye’s.
I am a Rayes’s afficianado… so happy to be able to have Raye’s products shipped to me here in WNY.
I say that it is personifies Maine. It is unique, homegrown, historically rooted, delicious, and worth visiting and revisiting!💕