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Raye's Mustard

Our NEW Tailgate Six Pack features 6 Raye's Mustard flavors sure to spice up your tailgate party!  Includes Spicy Horseradish; Top Dog; Jameson Tavern, Bar Harbor Real Ale, Dundicott Hott, and Heavenly Jalapeno!  All in our new Quad Pack gift box and with FREE Shipping! 

Small batch crafted at America's last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 

Spicy Horseradish

 Raye’s Spicy Horseradish packs a horseradish kick so intense it’ll make your eyes water. It’s strong, it’s savory, it’s mustard with a little something extra. The savory aftertaste makes it the perfect companion to beef, ham and cheeses. Or add to Bechamel Sauce for an elegant fish entree. Perfect for any meal that needs a kick.

Top Dog

 Upgrade your hot dog. Thick enough to stick to your dog but smooth enough to soak into the bun, Top Dog mustard is specially designed as the perfect hot dog condiment. With a stone-ground mustard kick and a hint of turmeric, Top Dog mustard is food’s best friend!. For a truly Made in Maine experience, add it to a red hot dog.

Jameson Tavern

 It’s not possible to pack more flavor into a mustard jar. Jameson Tavern is sweet, it’s surprising, and it’s got a mustard kick. Named for the birthplace of Maine, where commissioners signed the documents to separate our fair state from Massachusetts, this specially blended sweet brown mustard is used in Jameson Tavern’s signature dish. Add it to sandwiches and hamburgers or use it as a dip right out of the jar. 

Bar Harbor Real Ale

 A little bitter, a little sweet. This is the dream topping for soft pretzels. Raye’s whole mustard seeds are marinated in Bar Harbor Real Ale to create a taste so sensational it won an award.

Dundicott Hott

 Named for the dark red Dundicott chili pepper, Dundicott Hott brings the heat! Its peppery flavor will spice up Bloody Marys and give chicken wings a kick. The smooth, creamy texture glides over your tongue delivering a full-bodied, complex flavor before the afterburn kicks in. If you like it hot, you’ll love Dundicott.

Heavenly Jalapeno

 You might expect Haba Habanero mustard to be hot, and the kick is certainly there, but the real spark comes from the flavor. Crushed jalapenos add tasty depth to this smooth brown mustard. Mix it with melted cheese for an instant Mexican Dip

Great Raye's Mustard!  FREE Shipping!  A fun tailgate party!  And your favorite football team!  A WINNING combination! 


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