Atlantic Brewing Co. - Bar Harbor Real Ale Mustard

Atlantic Brewing Co.

A little bitter, a little sweet. This is the dream topping for soft pretzels. Raye’s whole mustard seeds are marinated in Bar Harbor Real Ale to create a taste so sensational it won an award.

Small batch crafted at America's last remaining traditional stone ground mustard mill. 



Raye's Bar Harbor Real Ale Mustard Ingredients: Deep Well Water, Blended Whole Mustard Seeds, Whole mustard seeds marinated in Bar Harbor Real Ale, Distilled Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Barley Malt, Carmel, Salt, True Spices, and Chili.

*No Cholesterol, No Fats, No Eggs, No Additives, Reduced Sodium, Low Carbohydrates.*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Barbara H.
Local brew master approves...

My nephew is the brewmaster for a local brewery. For Christmas I gave him a basket full of all your mustards created from beers and ales from Maine. He loved them all!

Robert W.
Great Product, always brings back memories of my in-person visit!!

Toured the shop several years ago and loved the visit and the products!! Every time I have the mustard, I remember the visit and joy of being there. Thank You!

Matthew Gorman
Perfect on Soft Pretzels

As written in description it's perfect on soft pretzels. It's also good in a Carolina style BBQ sauce for pork chops. Mostly this mustard, some white wine vinegar, a bit of brown sugar and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Bob W
Amazing Unbeatable Flavor

First Tasted YEARS ago after touring brewery. No, it was not the beer talking! I have re-ordered again and again since then. BratWorst, Turkey&Swiss,... stands up and adds to hearty foods for the perfect meal. This is my standard mustard to which everything else is compared (nothing adds up!).

Lauren Williams
OMG! Soooooo Good!

Received as gift from friends. Paired with Pretzels. Experienced the most wonderful taste! Literally, could not get enough...ordering more, for self, and Christmas presents!